One-on-One Consultation

We provide personalized care by coordinating a one-on-one consultation in your home, in a medical setting, or at one of our convenient locations. During this time, you are able to meet with an expert care specialist who will assess your challenges and needs. From this point forward, your health with be tracked to make sure you continue to receive the best care for your foot health.

Personalized Evaluation

At every consultation, which we typically do on a yearly basis, we administer a complete foot evaluation. This includes an exam to find out if you have any ailments, neuropathy or circulation issues that are directly affecting your feet. We then measure the length and width of your feet, and make a unique foot mold to help us determine what shoes and inserts will best fit your needs. 

Customized Inserts and Care

In our lab, we use all the information we've gathered in order to create customized inserts matched to the ideal shoe for your feet. Then we deliver your personalized products to you, along with a detailed wearing schedule and care instructions. We make sure to review all information with you in person to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved with your new therapeutic footwear.

Three years ago I was introduced to Priority Footwear. Every year I get shoes delivered to me that fit properly. As well as a big side order of knowledge about healthy feet!
— James Maher, Client



Orthotic Inserts

Our orthotic inserts are designed to fit into a wide variety of therapeutic footwear, from low profile dress shoes to high volume sport shoes and work boots. With our dedicated lab and regional offices, we are able to quickly and accurately create inserts that are fit uniquely for you. 


We represent five therapeutic shoe manufacturers to provide you with the widest selection of offerings. You will have access to a full range of diabetic footwear in over a hundred styles and colors, as well as guidance on how to select the proper shoe itself to fit your customized orthotic inserts.

Footwear Options




Lab Milling

Our lab, located adjacent to our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to servicing your specific needs. Some of the offerings we are able to provide to all of our clients include:

• Shorter lead times
• A high standard of quality control over every step of the process
• An accurate fit from the very first time we deliver to you
• Seamless customization of every pedorthic product we offer

In addition, we conduct our own research and development around new materials and manufacturing techniques. We are staffed with a talented group of technicians who go through a certified training program to be part of our team. 

The end result fits exactly as it should, the shoes feel great and my feet are happy. Priority gives top notch service and exceeds my specific requirements and expectations.
— Larry Scofield, Client



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